Know What You Want

Cut Through The Turmoil And Get Immediate Clarity About What You Want.

Your marriage isn’t going well and you have a confusing mix of emotions that make it extremely difficult to know exactly what you want. You need clarity and wish you had a guardian angel on your shoulder, feeding you answers. This free podcast will train you in the best tool I know for getting to the bottom of what it is you really want. — Nicole Fouche, Ph.D.


Hi, I’m Nicole

I’m a passionate life and relationship coach who knows it is possible. You can have a fulfilling relationship with your spouse and a very happy marriage, no matter what state your relationship is in at the moment. I work with smart, committed, yet unhappy men and women who want to save their marriages. You can understand your relationship problems and reinvent your marriage – with or without your spouse's active participation. You can have the happy marriage you said “yes!” to, and I can show you how.

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